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Dragons or Dinosaurs ?
Synopsis: What if evidence existed to prove that man lived with dinosaurs? This explosive new documentary from Cloud Ten Pictures proves just that as it explores shocking evidence for the controversial theory of creation by diving into the exciting lore of dragons and dinosaurs. For centuries, dinosaurs have been used to discredit the Bible but Dragons or Dinosaurs? will present new, clear, and stunning visual evidence that uses them to actually verify the Bible's history. Presenting major proof for Biblically-based creation while exploring the fascinating history of dragons and dinosaurs, this is one DVD that is perfect for any home school lesson, and will have kids glued to the screen the whole way through. Loosely based on the book by Darek Isaacs, Dragons or Dinosaurs? finds truth behind the sensationalized dragon tales that exist around the world. Isaacs says that the facts presented throughout the documentary are so compelling that people may begin questioning their other beliefs as well. dragons movie poster
Studio: Cloud Ten Pictures
Genre: Documentary buy now