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Indoctrination Movie - Trailer
Synopsis: "IndoctriNation" is a 90-minute documentary film that takes the audience on a panoramic exploration of one of the most important and controversial issues in the history of mankind, the issue of education.

Traveling all over America with his family in a big yellow school bus and conducting a series of candid conversational interviews, Colin Gunn, a Scottish filmmaker, actor, and homeschool father of seven children living in Texas, is on a quest to discover the origins of our modern educational system.

What he discovers is a masterful design that sought to replace God's recipe for training up the next generation with a humanistic, man-centered program that fragmented the family and undermined the influence of the Church and its Great Commission.

Part documentary, part testimonial — a confessional and a rebuke, this film is above all a challenge and an encouragement to millions of Christians who need to know what history, experience, and the Scriptures have to say about what is perhaps the pivotal issue of our time: the discipleship and training of the next generation.

Indoctrination Movie Poster
Genre: Documentary
CAST: Col. John Eidsmoe, David d'Escoto, David Goetsch, Erwin Lutzer, Gary DeMar, Gary North, Geoff Botkin, Herb Titus, Israel Wayne, Joe Morecraft, Ken Ham, Kevin Swanson, Mike Metarko, Ray Moore, Sam Blumenfeld, Voddie Baucham
Writer / Director: Colin Gunn, Joaquin Fernandez
PRODUCER: Colin Gunn, Joaquin Fernandez, Scott Eash
Studio: Gunn Productions
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